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Children's Cooking Class

Future Foodies

Cooking up a healthy future

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Committed to Education

Our objectives are:
· that children will learn to cook healthy recipes which they can then replicate at home
· to teach basic food preparation skills; such as chopping, weighing,
rolling, grating, pouring, mixing
· that children and their families proportionally increase their intake of nutritionally
healthy food.
We help children gain confidence in themselves. Our fun lessons are very beneficial for
mental well-being as we session help children gain self- belief.
In addition to helping pupils adopt healthier lifestyles, the classes reinforce skills learnt
during school time by incorporating maths, reading, science, personal hygiene and food
safety advice into the classes.

Through engaging and hands-on educational opportunities, Future Foodies continuously cultivates future generations. If this is what you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to get in touch to learn more and join our growing community.



Nairobi, Kenya


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